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In view of the ongoing coronavirus emergency, please be aware that ALL RIDING CLUB MEETINGS ARE CANCELLED until at least 30 JUNE in accordance with BRC guidance.
Members please also be aware that, for the same reasons, the CLUB FIELD IS OUT OF BOUNDS until further notice.
This is a major health emergency and guidance is changing daily. We are in regular contact with BHS/BRC and will update you on any new guidance as it arrives. BHS are currently reviewing the PMís latest statement and have said they will be issuing further guidance tomorrow (24 March). Watch this space. Riders are reminded the best way forward is to keep at least 2m away from other people and wash your hands regularly. Keep yourself and others safe.
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Here is the first newsletter of 2020 to inform you of what's coming up at Fife Riding Club!
Hoofprints February 2020
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Join us for the first night of the season for our annual Quiz Night!

Wednesday 1 April at Freuchie Cricket Club starting 7:30 pm!

Open to members and non-members - everyone welcome!
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Here are the rest of the results from the last show
Quest results
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Another very busy day at Howe last weekend with around 140 tests ridden and a twelve hour shift for the organisers. Many thanks to all our volunteers. This show was in aid of horses affected by the terrible Australian bush fires (still burning) - details of how much money was raised to follow. Thanks also due to everyone who donated gifts to the bottle raffle which drew in £130 on its own.
To see the full results, click below
More results
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Australian Fire Relief fundraising update.

Well done everyone! The fund raising at the Dressage on 25 January raised over £500 which the club has rounded up to £550. Many thanks to everyone who donated gifts to the raffle and to the helpers who were equally generous with their time on the day.
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Competitors at Area or Championships please note that BRC are bringing their rules on whips and spurs in line with BS.
Click on link below for full details
Click here
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We lost a number of long-serving committee members at the AGM. Jenny Cushnie, Joy Fulton, Dawn Wallace, Sharron Ferrier and Ferne Fairfull all decided to stand down. We thank them for all their hard work on behalf of the club over many years. As a token of thanks, all were presented with a bottle of special ďFRCĒ vino (possibly to celebrate their escape!). A hard act to follow but we were very pleased to welcome some new faces on board Ė Kirsty Trotter, Simone Purves, Kerry Anne Strachan and Glenn Wheelans; also Linda Wood is a welcome rejoin. Julia Edwards has since been co-opted so we are back to full strength. Please give them your full support in the new season.
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No doubt you will have read about changes to requirements for flu jabs. In line with BE and BD, Riding Clubs now need horses attending qualifiers to have been vaccinated within 6 months of the competition. This does not mean that you have to get your horse jabs every six months; the advice is that if you are likely to compete at qualifiers you should get your horse jabs in April and that will give cover to the end of the summer. Itís probably worth doing this anyway if you are going to be out at lots of horse shows next summer as well as it will give your horse better protection. The six month requirement will be mandatory for Area/ Scottish Championships from 1st March 2020.
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Having checked our current members list, we found that there are nearly 40 people who are paid up members but who are not on the clubs Members Facebook page. This page is only open to paid up members, not the general public. While you can get lots of information about the club on our website, the Fife Riding Club Members Facebook page is the best way of getting the most up to date info direct to your mobile device. So, if you havenít joined up yet, now might be a good time to do it, as we head towards springtime.

You might also want to visit the Fife Riding Club Flog it Facebook page and the Fife Riding Club Open Shows Facebook page - both are open to non-members.
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The best way of ensuring your horseís safety is to keep your flu vaccinations up to date - or get your horse vaccinated if you have not done so already.

For more information speak to your vet or go to the BEF Website or Here

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Just a polite request to any member wanting to use the field for exercise or training purposes. The rules about who can use the field and when are well known and posted elsewhere on this website.

Anyone interested needs to contact TRICIA BEFORE going to the field - this is an insurance requirement and covered by Club Rules.

Please bear in mind committee members are volunteers who also have other commitments so please be patient when waiting for a response and ensure they phone/text at a reasonable time.

Thank you!
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It's the time of year when riders start thinking about the new season and exciting times ahead. A good time then to remember that we will all have a better experience in the show ring if we all observe a few simple rules. Here are some tips on how to behave in company!
Whether you are a novice show rider, or you have been doing it for years, whether itís in hand or ridden, weíve all come across people who donít know basic show etiquette.
So here are the top 10 tips to show respect to others and to not annoy people at shows in the ring and warming up.
Share this and educate the world!

1 Ė Donít overtake in the ring
Everyone in the ring wants the judge to look at their horse, donít be that one person that overtakes right in front of the judge. It wonít impress the judge, in fact it will probably just annoy them and everyone else in there.
2 Ė Always pass left to left
This one is for the warm up ring. I have seen countless collisions and near misses because people just donít know this rule. Itís more safety than just etiquette, and very important. Itís understandable that you will need to change the rein and people will be travelling in different directions, so remember this one and there reduce the risk of an accident.
3 Ė When turning your horse/pony push it away from you Ė do not pull it towards you
When showing in hand, the judge will ask you to walk away and trot back to them. At the end of the walk when you turn to trot back, make sure that you push your horse round away from you, instead of pulling them around.
4 Ė Donít jump the warm up jump both ways
This follows on from number 2, but for jumping warm up rings. Jumping the jump both ways is just downright dangerous, not only are people warming up on both reins, but jumping both ways means there are horses flying in every direction and no one knows what is coming from where.

5 Ė Take note of coloured ribbons in horsesí tails
People donít put ribbons in their horsesí tails for fun, they all mean something, and to keep you and your steed safe, you should take note of what they mean.
1. Blue Ė Stallion
2. Green Ė Young or inexperienced
3. Pink Ė Mare in season
4. Red Ė Horse kicks
5. White Ė Horse is for sale

6 Ė Donít go cantering past other horses in tight spaces
If it is your first show, or you are on a young horse, or anything like that, there is nothing worse than someone cantering past you trapped in a corner coming very close. It causes horses to feel trapped, can spook them and can unnerve an inexperienced rider. Just donít do it, itís not nice.

7 Ė Not cutting people up before or after a fence
This follows on from number 6, but for jumping. When someone is coming to a fence, or leaving it, their concentration is on the jump and their striding. Donít get in their way! You have the whole of the ring to ride in, just move or halt for those few seconds and let them jump.
8 Ė If youíre not warming up, get out
Donít stand around the gateway having a mothers meeting! Stand outside the ring. The warm up ring is for warming horses up, not chatting. Stand outside and give everyone room to work in. A rider has enough to concentrate on with all the horses flying about everywhere without having to worry about trampling stragglers too. Plus if there is an accident or a horse spooks, you are in the firing line and it is your own fault.
9 Ė Leave one horseís length to the horse in front
Donít crowd other riders and keep at least a horseís length between you and the horse in front of you. This keeps you at a safe distance from being kicked Ė remember these are more than likely to be horses that you do not know. When there are riders working on both the inside and outside track, leave enough passing room that one horse isnít able to bite or kick at the horse on the other track.
10 -Enjoy yourself!

Too many people take showing far too seriously. Iíve seen tears, tantrums and slanging matches way too many times. At the end of the day horses are our passion and showing is for just that, showing our pride and joy off. If you donít win then never mind, better luck next time. Donít be horrible to the person that won and ruin their day, however you are feeling, say well done and smile on your way out of the ring and let them enjoy it. You would want them to do the same to you.
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We try not to cancel if at all possible but the weather this ďsummerĒ has been exceptionally bad and occasionally we have to accept defeat!

As far as Wednesday Night meetings are concerned, the latest time we can cancel is around 5pm.

If the decision to cancel has been made, a note to this effect will be placed on the FRC website and also on our Facebook page. If you do not have access to the website or Facebook then you should text Linda on 07740 027427 (after 5pm) to avoid a wasted trip.

As far as weekend shows are concerned, if there is any doubt about the weather or ground conditions, a site inspection will be made at about 8am. If cancelled, again a note will go on the website or Facebook page or else the show organiser should be contacted by text or phone after 8.30am for an update.
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We are trialling a new online entries system. For those interested the


A further reminder to all members wishing to use the club field for private tuition outwith normal meeting times.

Firstly, the field & facilities are for the exclusive use of PAID-UP MEMBERS ONLY (i.e. Full Riding, Associate or Honorary Members). NON-MEMBERS or other family members are NOT permitted to ride except during open shows. Instructors are not permitted to ride unless they are also members.

Secondly, following advice from BRC insurers,with effect from 1st March 2015, anyone providing private tuition at the club field outwith normal meeting times will be required to forward documentary evidence of valid instructors insurance cover to the Club Secretary in advance. The Secretary will retain details of trainers insurance on file. If the trainer does not have suitable insurance, then they will not be permitted to teach on club premises. Members booking their own trainers are responsible for ensuring their instructor complies with this requirement. Failure to so will be a breach of Club Bye-Laws.


A reminders that the club field can only be used by members & must be booked IN ADVANCE, giving full details of date/time and name of instructor through Tricia Garnett 07752 581642. Further details on using the clubs facilities, the club Constitution & Bye Laws are available on the membership page


For those of you who don't already know FRC now has its own Facebook Group. Check it out for all the latest news, gossip and updates. Please note only members can join & comment on the FRC Group.
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